A Constant Learning Journey for Life

A Chinese saying puts it this way on one’s effective learning journey:


-“Reading thousands of books is no better than traveling thousands of miles; traveling thousands of miles, is no better than meeting thousands of people; meeting thousands of people, is no better than having a great teacher for guidance; having a great teacher, is no better than thinking through and realizing by oneself.”

This is truly TriStrategist’s experience on this journey. From west coast to east coast, from home to hotels, from land to water, from the US to Europe and Asia, meeting all walks of people, viewing all types of terrains, observing all variances of local economy and culture, it’s a journey to appreciate the timeless wisdom of the past, to connect one’s present to the future, to seek changes within. Everyone is a student on this constant learning journey before he or she becomes a confident master of one’s own destiny.